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What is an RPG?

RPG stands for Role Playing Game

A roleplaying game is a shared story telling game. One player plays a Narrator to the story and helps to create the world and challenges the other players will have to face. These players each take on a character who lives in this world. They have their own personalities and goals and must try and develop and achieve these through the game. Players usually have a character sheet which has their character’s attributes and skills on them. The players will be faced with obstacles created by the Narrator and they will roll dice to see if their character can overcome these challenges. Role playing games can last anywhere between a few minutes to several decades. One of the most famous role playing games is Dungeons and Dragons but there are thousands of others games that use alternative systems and offer completely different experiences.

What are the benefits of playing RPGs?

Cultivates creativity

Players get to explore their imaginations and create worlds together as well as the imaginative characters that inhabit them.

Promotes problem solving

Each adventure is full of puzzles and problems that the players will try and solve. These skills carry over to outside of the game too.

Encourages Teamwork

The players must work together to get through each quest. They will utilise each other’s skills and create strong bonds both in and out of the game.

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