David Murcutt is a primary school teacher in London using a simple D6 system with his class to grow imagination, confidence and literacy skills in his students. After introducing role playing games, such as D&D and No Thank You, Evil, to his class last year he was instantly impressed with how the students immersed themselves in the collaborative narratives. David then began to think of ways to use these RPGs to meet speaking, listening and writing skills linked to the curriculum. He now runs regular RPG sessions with his class and is sharing the benefits of classroom RPGs with as many other teachers as he can.

David has created a very simple D6 roleplaying game for use in the classroom.
It is called The Dice Game.
You can find out more about this game and others on the blog.

In his current D&D campaign, David doubles as:

Yarna – A Tabaxi Rogue who loves a great story.

The benefits of roleplaying:

Cultivates creativity

Players get to explore their imaginations and create worlds together as well as the characters that inhabit them.

Encourages Teamwork

The players must work together to get through each quest. They will utilise each other’s skills and create strong bonds both in and out of the game.

Promotes problem solving

Each adventure is full of puzzles and problems that the players will try and solve. These skills carry over to outside of the game too.

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