Here is a treasure trove of links to other websites and downloads to make your RPG sessions more memorable and accessible:

Teaching with D&D is an incredible website run by Sarah Roman and Kade Wells. It focuses more on using the RPG in secondary education and is based on the American education system but has lots of great articles and resources for anyone interested in running RPGs in schools.

A Guide for Playing D&D with kids is a fantastic article on which gives loads of great tips for running an RPG with young adventurers. I have taken a lot of ideas from this article. I especially liked the idea of using different coloured dice and I have been developing this idea further as you’ll soon read about in a future blog post.

Simplified D&D is an article on by Brian Russell about how he simplified D&D for use with his 6 and 4 year old kids. He redesigned the D&D character sheet to make it much more accessible for young adventurers. I used this character sheet with my first group for our D&D school club and it worked really well. I highly recommend you read the article and print off some of the character sheets.

Character Sheets for people with Dyslexia created by some very talented Redditors. Having run several sessions with some dyslexic players, I’m looking forward to trying these out. I would like to combine the simplified character sheet and the dyslexia friendly character sheet to make the most accessible experience for my younger players.

Game to Grow is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of games of all kinds for therapeutic, educational, and community growth. They are doing incredible work and I urge you to check out their site.

A braille version of the D20

Braille Dice are available to buy on the 3D printing website Shapeways making RPGs even more accessible for everyone.

How to set up an RPG club is a youtube video by legendary Ethan Schoonover. It is filled with really useful ways to approach both staff and parents about beginning an RPG club at your school. The video also explains some of the educational benefits of these RPGs.

Dungeons and Dragons website is filled with information about the RPG. I also recommend reading through some of the Dragon+ magazines online or on the app. Issue 21 had some top tips for playing D&D with kids.

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