200 word RPG

Here is a smiple RPG I wrote for the 200 word RPG challenge.
It is a simple system that encourages imaginative mischief and is suitable for children to run themselves. Here are the rules in full:

You are kids in a primary school. You are trying to cause as much mischief throughout the day as possible without the teachers spotting you.

One person plays the Teacher and gives the kids 5 ‘lessons’ to play out. Each kid can try and cause one bit of mischief per lesson.

These lessons are:






Whenever a kid wants to cause mischief, they describe the mischief in detail and then they play rock, paper, scissors with the Teacher. If they win, they have not been caught and gain 2 mischief points. If they lose, they have been caught and gain only 1 mischief point – they also get a strike! If ever they have 3 strikes they must see the head teacher / principle to get disciplined. Play this scene out, telling the child off for their specific misdemeanours before they return to class.

Additional mischief points can be awarded by the Teacher for inventive ways of causing mischief.

The child with the most mischief points at the end of the school day is the ‘Biggest Miscreant’ and wins the respect / ire of the other kids. Blow raspberries accordingly.

Let me know how your games go. Have fun misbehaving!

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