Character Creation to Inspire Writing

As part of any story planning project, creating rich characters is hugely important.

I was finding that the students needed a bit more direction when creating characters and so, once again, I turned to D&D.

I designed a simple character sheet for my Year 4 class (8 and 9 year olds) to fill in.
To help them think about their character I added lots of questions relating to the appearance, personality and back story. I even included some classic attributes such as Strong, Agile or Intelligent to help the students think about what their character’s skills.

The children loved creating their characters. Here are a few example of their work:

Sergio Biscuits – A real hero

The children created some really interesting characters and seemed much more inspired by having these questions to guide them.

To follow this up, we’ll be getting the children to create 3D models of their characters using hero forge –

Hero forge is a great resource for the students to visualise their characters and to help them come up with descriptions of how their character looks and what they wear.
Just be mindful of all the weapons that can be added to the model if you are working with younger students.

Here is an example of a very quickly created character. The character poses can be changed and the model can be rotated to see it from different angles.

I have also used a Monster Manual to help children create monsters for their stories. Check out that article here:

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